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Wire and cable screw
Wire and cable screw Product advantage:
 Reasonable structural design, smooth feeding and good plasticizing effect.
 Stable extrusion pressure and high productivity.
Long service life.
Tel: +86 21-61559121


Product details
Tel: +86 21-61559121
 1. It is suitable for continuous extrusion molding of general purpose plastics (PE/PP/PS/PVC/PMMA/PC/PA/PET/ABS/HIPS/GPPS/EVA/), for example pipe material, profile material, board material, sheet material, bar material, all kinds of foamed material and granulation, etc.

2. Material: High quality alloy 38CrMoAlA is selected from well-known domestic and abroad manufacturers.

3. Heat treatment: the raw material is treated by several heat treatment procedures such as quenching, tempering, qualitative,, nitride treatment, etc. to achieve the technical requirements of HB≥280, Nitride hardness (HV)≥980, Nitride thickness between 0.45mm and 0.65mm, Nitride frangibility≤Class I.

4. New materials:SKD61, 42GrMo, 9Cr18MoV, etc, treated by vacuum quenching or medium frequency quenching, etc.

5. Special process: To meet the products’ requirements of abrasion performance and corrosion resistance from different customs, the screw is spray welded by alloy or plated by hard chromium according to the practical situation.

Equipment Features:
Diameter: Φ15mm- Φ300mm
Max. Length: ≤10000mm







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