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PC,PP,PE Hollow Profile Board Product line
PC,PP,PE Hollow Profile Board Product line Product advantage:
The products are used widely in building, decoration, advertisement layout, road noise isolation and packing.
PP hollow board can replace carton as packing material with the advantages of light weight, high intensity, moisture proof and corrosion resistance.
Productivity is 10~15% higher than industrial average.
Tel: +86 21-61559121
Product details
Tel: +86 21-61559121

1.The equipment is applicable to produce PC、PP、PE hollow profile board.
2.The products is used widely for building, decorating, advertisement laying, road noise isolation and packing.
3.PP hollow profile board can instead of carton which have feature like light weight, high strengthen, moisture-proof, antisepsis.
4.Width of board is 1220-3000mm and thickness is 2-16mm.

1.Construction of sunroof in buildings ,halls, shopping center ,stadium ,public
places of entertainment and public facility.
2.ring shield of bus stations ,garages, pergolas, corridors.
3.Transparent shields for security forces in nursery schools airports.













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