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Melt in extrusion

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Melting of the solids actually starts in the feed section of the extrusion. Since plastics are such a wonderful insulator, they are melted by shearing rather than by heat conduction. Material is sheared against the barrel of the extrusion and melting takes place in a thin film of melt conducting the barrel. Therefore, melting of the extrusion stars only at the axial location at which the melt film forms. As a matter of fact, melting of the extrusion stars later than that since it takes time for the film thickness to grow and to exceed the flight clearance. Melting of the extrusion also takes time for adequate melt to form in front of the pushing side of the flight and develop sufficient pressure to push the solid bed toward the trailing side of the flight and form a melt pool.


In the processing of the extrusion , as soon as the melt pool is formed, the actual melting mechanism is fully operation as well. Form that point on, the cross-sectional area of the solid bed decreases as more and more plastic is melted. In the process of extrusion if the channel depth along the screw is constant, the width of the solid bed will gradually decrease until all plastic is melted or until the end of the screw is reached. A series of channel cross sections collected in a quick-chilling experiment in a-in.-(6.4-cm-) diameter extruder processing low-density polyethylene. A typical solid-bed profile(SBP), that is, a graph describing the relative solid-bed width as a  function of axial location.


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