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The Output and Performance of An Extrusion Line

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The output of an extrusion line is defined by the lowest capacity of its various constitutive elements:

1.The output capacity of the extrusion line, which is dictated by the volumetric output, the melting capacity and the power available;

2.The calibrating and cooling capacities of the extrusion line (which are determined by the time for heat transfer, the heat transfer coefficient and the temperature difference between the polymer and the cooling media);

3. The capacity for manipulating the extrusion line ( for example, time needed for post-extrusion shaping operations, or changing spools in winders);

4.The performance of the extrusion head ( stress,pressure, velocity and temperature fields induced);

5.The rheological properties of the melt.

Extrusion Line

Replacing and/ or modifying the extrusion line, increasing the number and/ or the length of the cooling /calibration zones, and further automating the extrusion line will increase the capacity of the first three parameters. The design of the extrusion head of extrusion line should consider the rheology of the polymer in order to minimize the total pressure drop and the viscous dissipation, to ensure adequate melt homogeneity, and to keep the normal stresses below the critical values. Therefore, the performance of an extrusion line is directly dependent upon both the efficiency of the extrusion head, and the ability of the processor to optimize the corresponding operating conditions.

Extrusion Line

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