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The Function of Extruder

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A principal function of the extruder for plastics and rubber-which extruder shares with those for clays, bitumen, paste explosives, pastas and even the domestic meat miner-is thus to pump material in a fluid state against the back pressure created by the resistance of the die. This is the function of the extruder which is susceptible to hydrodynamic analysis.


Coincidentally, the single screw extruder , will also convey solid particles and generate pressure in the solid; this cause shearing and, together with heat conducted from the barrel, generates heat to melt the solid polymer. The extruder may also be used for removing air, volatiles, water, etc., at the feed section and gases or vapours from the melt.


The mixing action of the extruder may be used for incorporating solids or liquids, e.g. Dirt may be removed from the melt by mechanical filtering. The mixing action of the screw enables extruder to be used as a ‘scraped’ heat exchanger, though cooling is limited by shear heating, and this is also utilized for chemical resction,e.g. Continuous polymerization when the extruder becomes effectively a stirred reaction vessel.The single screw extruder thus has many possible functions including melting, conveying mixing, compounding, pumping, separating ans heat exchange, and several of these may have to be optimized in a specific case.


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