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The Great Potential of China’s Plastic Machinery

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The Great Potential of China’s Plastic Machinery

From a global perspective, three main categories of the China's plastic machinery is injection molding machine, extruder / extrusion lines and blow molding machines which account for more than 80% of the total output value in China's plastic machinery fields.

China's plastic machinery

First, the injection molding machine of China's plastic machinery

The injection molding machine control system features: adopting advanced computer control; Self-diagnosis fault function; directly inputting pressure, speed, time, trip, and temperature data; pressure the coupling oil line to save power; mold cooling water regulating means; high-precision electronic ruler stroke control accuracy of up to ± 0.1mm, etc.

China's plastic machinery

Second, Extruder of China's plastic machinery

The basic mechanism of screw is simple - a screw in the cylinder rotates and puts the plastic to move forward. Molten plastic is squeeze out by extruder under screw through a  fixed shape extrusion then cut after water-cooling setting under the role of the tractor. Extruders of China's plastic machinery are mainly used for the variety of the same cross-section of the products of continuous production, such as tubes, rods, different profiles, etc. and can also be used for plastic modification granulation.

China's plastic machinery

Third, the blow molding machine of China's plastic machinery

The blow is a common method for manufacturing hollow thermoplastic products; the blow of China's plastic machinery can also combine with

injection molding process and extrusion process which are capable of producing abundant products widely used in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

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