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Two kinds of PVC machine

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As a professional production of PVC machine manufacturers, we can provide you  with any categories of PVC machine,no matter what type the PVC machine is. In the meantime, Shanghai Major Machinery promise life-long service and will provide comprehensive technical support to other related problems at the same time. Now let’s have a understand of our main three PVC machine

 PVC machine

Firstly, PVC Transparent Sheet Extrusion line.

The PVC machine has the following advantages:

1.Saving investment, running stable, high output.

2.The PVC machine’s scope: thickness 0.2-3mm, width 2000mm(under).

3.The PVC machine is applicable to produce clear sheet by PVC powder, which can instead of calendering PVC sheet.

 PVC machine

Secondly, PVC Crust&Half-crust Free Foamed Board Product line.
That PVC machine’s advantage:
1. Applicable to transportation industry, architectural decoration industry, advertising industry, industrial areas and other areas.
2.The PVC machine can also has the
advantage: Low products density. For example, the density of advertisement boards is around 0.32.
3. Productivity is 10~15% higher than industrial average.

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