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The Advantages and Details of Board/Sheet Extrusion Screw

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The advantages of Board/Sheet Extrusion Screw:

1.The Board/Sheet Extrusion Screw suitable for all kinds of PVC power extruding. The Board/Sheet Extrusion Screw can produce all kinds of PVC plastic pipe material, profiled material, board material, sheet material, bar material, granulation and PE wood plastic.           

 Board/Sheet Extrusion Screw

2.The Board/Sheet Extrusion Screw has applied oil cooling system. Barrel is cooled by wind cooling system. The screw is made by high precision special digital screw miller. Thus ensure each extruder device be exactly the same.

3.The design of the Board/Sheet Extrusion Screw has introduced advanced design concept and actual production status, adopt variable pitch, variable fit space, fine computational fluid dynamics and other design concepts. The materials of Board/Sheet Extrusion Screw can be more softly sheared, kneaded and compressed while transporting along the screw to meet the requirement of actual production.

 Board/Sheet Extrusion Screw

Board/Sheet Extrusion screw advantage:

1.Reasonable structural design, perfect plasticizing effect, high productivity.
2.Unique formula of double alloy spray welding on the surface of the screw can prolong the service life of the screw effectively.
3.The Board/Sheet Extrusion Screw can effectively avoid black and yellow lines while extruding pipe and profile materials.

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