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As one kind of common extruder equipment, single screw extruder is mainly used in plastic processing industry. But most single screw extruders in China have a high power motor, it will consume a lot of resources without energy saving measures. During the operation of single screw extruders, mastering some skills can save power consumption effectiv......
In a nutshell, the high speed extruder is an extruder with high speed screw. The so-called "high speed" is a relative term, There are different quantization standard in different historical period and different level of technology....
Many people who majored in plastic machinery industry know PE very well, but not everyone knows about HDPE...
It is very important to choose and purchase a twin screw extruder in Chinese market. There are many different twin screw extruders and the corresponding performance and application marke...
this is a description article to the working process of extruder. ...
Single screw is mainly used to extrude soft and stiff thermoplastic plastics like PVC, PE etc. It can process a variety of plastic products, such as film, pipe, pressing plate, pull ribbon etc., it can also be used for melting granulation. ...
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