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Zhoushan Special Screw Customization

人气:1089发表时间:2014-10-15 15:05:01
   It is very difficult to find a customized screw manufacturer and even rare to find a manufacturer for customized high-quality screw. Our plastic factory use the customized screws made by Major Machinery. We could produce various of highlight and matte hard PVC granules and soft PVC granules according to the customer’s requests. Especially, the PC transparent profiles obtained high praise from our customers.
Good product comes from the high quality production line, and the screw is the heart of the whole production line. I would like to give special thanks to Major Machinery for their service of special screw customization.

   At the end of 2013, we received a special big order for a special plastic production (confidential based on the agreement). Our existed extrusion line was not capable to produce that product. I was very anxious for losing the order because of lacking producing ability. The manufacturing supervisor told me that screw customization is the only way to solve this problem and suggested me to contact the Zhoushan famous screw customizing manufacturer Major Machinery co., Ltd. They were very professional as they have begun to focus on the special screw customization six years ago.
   During the negotiation with the screw custom manufacturer, even the inquiry of Major Machinery’s is a little bit higher, we still choose Major Machinery for screw customization because they had a group of outstanding technical experts and they had a full set of perfect quality testing standards, as well as the advanced CNC processing equipment which can guarantee the product quality.

   In April 2014, the special customized screw delivered from the factory. And they were formally put into production after stability debugging by Engineer Wang from Major Machinery  in late April Our customers were very satisfied with the products. Finally I solemnly recommend to everybody that Major Machinery is a professional screw customizing expert and is reliable.
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