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New Breakthrough in Plastic Machinery Industry

人气:1092发表时间:2014-10-15 15:12:12
   The screw production base of Shanghai Major Machinery is located in Zhoushan,Zhenjiang Province.Zhoushan is famous of its agglomeration of screw manufacturing industry.Major screw keeps a foothold in the world with its high productivity.
   As a manufacturer of plastic products,our factory has the domestic advanced automated production lines.Our production workshop was designed and constructed according to the industry's standards.We have strong technical team and normative management.I had been very anxious about the imminent danger benefit before we cooperated with Major Machinery.One day,one of my friends told me that Major Machinery is concentrated on developing and designing the high-productivity screw. And he suggested me to have a try because the profit will be increased naturally if the productivity is raised.

   Then,I directly contacted with Mrs.Zheng,the General Manager of Major Machinery.  
   Mrs.Zheng said that they began to do R&D on new innovative high productivity technology 6 years ago.
   She said Major Machinery is also an industrial enterprise.It is very difficult to assure product quality and ensure reasonable profits for enterprise's survival and also consider how to reduce the cost under the background of internal and external problems we faced since the financial crisis,Major Machinery considered the customer's situations and organized a large number of professional and technical staffs which have over 20 years of experience to do development and innovation.Finally,we developed high-productivity screw for our clients which can improve the productivity by 15% over the industrial average.
   Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth.We decided to put it into production on our PS board extrusion line.She must be the one that god sent tu help us if what she have said is true. Here are the data shows huge differences between the previous screw and Major screw:
PS board extrusion  line  operating rate  Number of  machine set   ProductivityKG/H Year on year  growth
    previous screw         75% sets of Co-extrusion machine            1042  
    Major screw         75% sets of Co-extrusion machine            1201        15.53%
   Facts prove that Major Machinery’s extruder screw and conical twin screw really works and could help increase the production by 15%.We are very satisfied with it and no worry about it anymore. We will keep cooperating with Major Machinery in the future.

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