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a legend story of how a Zhoushan screw technician helped African businessman become rich overnight

人气:1055发表时间:2014-10-15 15:16:52
   I'm Mark, a businessman of plastic extrusion from Ghana. A few years ago, I cooperated with Shanghai Major Machinery  whose screw production base is located in Zhoushan. There happened a moving and legendary stories during our cooperation that a common technician from a Zhoushan screw company helped me get rich.  

   It was in 2009, we purchased a batch of quality extruders and screws from Shanghai Major Machinery Co. Ltd. We found a small part is missing while installing the machine after long distance of ocean shipping. We were very anxious that our staff didn’t know how to install being lack of technology team.  At this time, one of the employees read the product terms of service carefully. One of the article is written like this:
   We will arrange whole process assistances to help customers understanding our products and selecting the products as well as training for installation, operation and guidance. We promise life-long services to our customers. We will provide solutions ASAP for questions and problems in production process from customers, and will provide comprehensive technical support to other related problems at the same time.
   I tried to call Mrs. Zheng, the General Manger of Major Machinery and told our situation to her. She immediately arranged a technician to communicate with me and try to solve the technical problem via telephone. But the problems couldn’t be solved because we were not familiar with the technology. We hoped that Mrs. Zheng could send a technician to us and solve the problem. Mrs. Zheng said that it's quite near to the Chinese Spring Festival, the most important Chinese traditional festival for family reunion. It was difficult to arrange the staff for international business trip. But she finally arranged an skilled technician Mr. Wang coming to Africa and solving this problem for us.
   During his time in our company, Mr. Wang not only helped us solved the screw problem, but also trained a group of technical staffs for us under the support of General Manager Zheng. Furthermore, he also helped us improved a lot of production equipment and accessories, thus helped us increasing production and reducing cost. After that, our product output grew rapidly  and the product quality was improved speedily. We multiplied our buyers and my income also rose perpendicularly. Great changes have taken place in my life. I could say I got rich and famous over night!

   Major Machinery really confirmed their aftersales service slogan "lifetime worry-free".We can trust their screw and plastic extrusion lines for their productivity and quality. So, we have been maintaining a long-term good cooperation with Major Machinery Co., Ltd. I believe that Mr. Wang’s efforts to our company not only strengthened the cooperation relationship between our two companies, but also promoted the international relationship between our two countries. Furthermore, it will consolidate the bilateral  trade relationships between China and Africa in the future.

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