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One Plastic Manufacturer Did Investigation and Survey on Zhoushan Twin Screw

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  Jake is a regional manager in a foreign enterprise in China district and is the strategic level customers of our factory, he has an extreme requirements for  high quality PVC board. We know that only the high quality twin screw and the high-efficiency plastic production line assure the quality of the products. Even he trusts us because we have cooperated with each other before, he still asked me to go to Zhoushan screw manufacturers to do a survey again and report to him.
   Major Machinery’s subordinate high quality twin screw production base is located in Zhoushan.
   Major Machinery’s General Manager Mrs. Zheng and the technical director Engineer Wang guided my survey. Engineer Wang is the technical backbone who has more than 20 years’ experience in plastic machinery.
   We excavated many core secrets from Major Machinery via this on-the-spot investigation:
   Ming Zhou machinery has a stable staff team and a group of excellent production technology experts. We found that  Major Machinery had quality standards while visiting the complete quality detection system. They are very skillful in the application of the most advanced technology of CNC.

   I was wondering that what are the main reasons for the continuous promotion, deep-going, and resolutely implementation of Major Machinery’s quality concept?
   Manager Zheng told me that continuous motivation for small innovation and technology transformation by the employees during the production process could guarantee  high quality rate of the product as well as reduce the enterprise cost. Thus provided a solid foundation for the higher product quality
   Product quality depends on the raw materials.
   Would Major Machinery tell me such core secret? Engineer Wang said frankly:
   Major Machinery paid great attention to the selection of the raw materials. Our steels and alloy powder are particularly imported from well-known manufacturer’s high quality material globally.
   Quality inspection department did sampling inspection on each batch of material for material composition, physical properties and mechanical properties strictly, especially we do whole process tracking detection for the material Pre-heat treatment, such as:normalizing, quenching and tempering, quenching, tempering, qualitative treatment, etc.

   The cost is lower while using conical twin-screw other than parallel twin screw in PVC board extrusion. The product quality of Zhoushan screw is very good and can get higher productivity in PVC board extrusion.
   Jake rest assured by my words.
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