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Chemical Fiber Extruder
Chemical Fiber Extruder

◆ The screw and barrel have higher manufacturing precision and good linearity by adopting professional processing technology.
◆ Equipped with super strong thrust bearing to guarantee its ability of bearing huge axle force.
◆ Good plasticizing performance, high product quality, stable operation, super low noise, long service life and convenient maintenance.

Extruder for Wire and Cable Sheathing
Extruder for Wire and Cable Sheathing

◆ High production, perfect quality, high degree of automation and low energy consumption.
◆ Meticulously designed and produced by technical advantages and rich experience for over 20 years of research and production.
◆ It is equipped with special screw structure and can be used for sheathing and secondary coating of wire, cable, optical fiber, optic cable with all kinds of materials.

PVC Hot-Cutting Pelletizing Line
PVC Hot-Cutting Pelletizing Line

This pvc pelletizing/granulator production line produces pellets by hot cutting, mainly PVC pellets. It is featured as advanced equipment, precise pelletizing and high producing capacity.

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