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Melting of the solids actually starts in the feed section of the extrusion. Since plastics are such a wonderful insulator, they are melted by shearing rather than by heat conduction. Material is sheared against the barrel of the extrusion and melting takes place in a thin film of melt conducting the barrel. Therefore, melting stars only at the axia......
The output of an extrusion line is defined by the lowest capacity of its various constitutive elements: 1.The output capacity of the extrusion line, which is dictated by the volumetric output, the melting capacity and the power available;...
A principal function of the extruder for plastics and rubber-which extruder shares with those for clays, bitumen, paste explosives, pastas and even the domestic meat miner-is thus to pump material in a fluid state against the back pressure created by the resistance of the die. This is the function of the extruder which is susceptible to hydrodynami......
From a global perspective, three main categories of the China plastic machinery is injection molding machine, extruder / extrusion lines and blow molding machines which account for more than 80% of the total output value in China plastic machinery fields. ...
As a professional production of PVC machine manufacturers, we can provide you with any categories of PVC machine,no matter what type the PVC machine is. In the meantime, Shanghai Major Machinery promise life-long service and will provide comprehensive technical support to other related problems at the same time. Now let’s have a understand of our ......
The advantages of Board/Sheet Extrusion Screw: 1.The Board/Sheet Extrusion Screw suitable for all kinds of PVC power extruding. The Board/Sheet Extrusion Screw can produce all kinds of PVC plastic pipe material, profiled material, board material, sheet material, bar material, granulation and PE wood plastic. ...
Zhoushan Special Screw Customization

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New Breakthrough in Plastic Machinery Industry

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